RELEASE: Kevin Cramer Fundraising Abysmal

RELEASE: Kevin Cramer Fundraising Abysmal

July 16th, 2013

Contact: Rania Batrice

Kevin Cramer Fundraising Abysmal

Bismarck, ND—Following months of controversy, Kevin Cramer’s paltry fundraising numbers seem to reflect the overall sentiment surrounding Cramer and his time in office. Cramer has raised a meager $80,394* during the entirety of the 2nd Quarter. House members in neighboring states have raised an average of $401,245*, and in the same amount of time, Montana’s freshman, at-large Congressman, Steve Daines, posts over 5 times the amount Cramer was able to raise.

Dem-NPL Executive Director, Chad Oban, released the following statement:

“These numbers are not surprising, mostly because North Dakotans are paying attention to Rep. Cramer’s lack of results in Washington. You can’t turn your back on the people of our state, make inflammatory remarks, and then expect everyone to open up their checkbooks. He also appears to be spending his contributions at an incredibly high rate. And furthermore, it’s a pretty clear testament to his lack of support when the majority of his contributions are coming from PACs*, with only 25 individuals making contributions.

We should all be asking what it is exactly that Cramer has been doing? He has failed to lead on the Farm Bill and has put partisan attacks ahead of the farmers and ranchers of North Dakota. And when he’s not ignoring the concerns of middle class North Dakotans, he isn’t raising any money…so what is it that Kevin Cramer has been doing with his time and the little money that he has raised?

North Dakotans expect their representatives to lead and deliver results for our state. Kevin Cramer has not done so, and his miserable fundraising figures suggest his supporters agree.”


*FEC disclosures were released yesterday which included the following information:

Kevin Cramer (R-ND) 2nd Quarter

Kristi Noem (R-SD) 2nd Quarter

Steve Daines (R-MT) 2nd Quarter


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