Cramer Wants Today to Be the Last Birthday for Social Security

Cramer Wants Today to Be the Last Birthday for Social Security

Congressman Cramer Wants Today to be the Last Birthday for Social Security

Today is the 78th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing Social Security into law, but if Congressman Cramer has his way, this will be the last year that seniors can count on the benefits from Social Security that they have earned. Congressman Cramer and House Republicans would privatize Social Security and gamble North Dakota families’ benefits on the stock market instead.

“The anniversary of Social Security should be a celebration and reminder of our country’s commitment to making sure our seniors and middle class families have peace of mind in retirement from benefits they earned, but instead it could be the last anniversary for Social Security if Congressman Cramer gets his way,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The people of North Dakota deserve the benefits they have earned, and if anyone makes a birthday wish today, it should be to stop Congressman Cramer from risking Social Security on the stock market.”


Cramer Supported Turning Social Security into a 401(k)-Style Retirement Plan. During a 2012 Republican primary debate, North Dakota State Representative Bette Grande proposed overhauling Social Security into a 401(k)-style retirement plan. The Bismarck Tribune reported that “Cramer agreed that might be a good idea.” [Bismarck Tribune, 1/21/12]

Cramer Supported a “Different Program” for Social Security. In March 2010, when asked about Social Security, Cramer said, “We’ve got to start somewhere. We’ve got to find a line that we draw, say 35, maybe 30, and say after that age there’s a different program for you rather than putting money into a broken system.” [Bismarck Tribune, 3/14/10]

1998: Supported Privatizing Social Security. In October 1998, Cramer supported allowing individuals to invest some money they contribute into private accounts, instead of all the money being put into the same pot. [Bismarck Tribune, 10/31/98]


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