Tyler Axness launches campaign for Public Service Commissioner

Tyler Axness launches campaign for Public Service Commissioner

FARGO, ND – FEBRUARY 25, 2014 – State Senator Tyler Axness announced today that he will seek the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party endorsement for Public Service Commissioner. He is seeking the special term to fill the remaining two years in former Commissioner Kevin Cramer’s term.

Senator Axness, who was elected in 2012 from District 16 in Fargo, serves on the Transportation and Human Services Committees. He is the communications and policy coordinator for the Freedom Resource Center, a disability rights organization. During the 63rd Legislative Session, Senator Axness was a leading voice for sensible energy development policies and for increasing funding to meet western infrastructure needs. He was also a chief proponent for the outdoor heritage amendment. Axness made his announcement at stops in Fargo and Bismarck, where family, friends, and supporters joined him.

“Our state’s constitution gives the Public Service Commission a vital role in ensuring our state’s resources are put to use for North Dakotans. Yet, nearly a decade into the current energy expansion, the Public Service Commission is just now looking at the possibility of having local oversight. I can’t help but ask what took them so long? This type of reactive oversight and delayed protection is failing the citizens of North Dakota and is undermining public confidence in energy development and the public’s trust that state government is looking out on their behalf.

“One party government is failing to meet our current challenges. We need to restore accountability and bring balance to the Public Service Commission so the Commission will reasonably enforce laws protecting consumers and ensuring that extraction and transportation of our natural resources is done in a safe and responsible manner.

“This isn’t about creating new rules and regulations, but the Public Service Commission can’t expect federal regulators to relax federal energy regulations if they fail to enforce the laws that are already on the books. This current Public Service Commission didn’t even know a pipeline was constructed and operating in our state and then when they found out they willfully refused to enforce the law. That’s unacceptable.

“There are three members of the Public Service Commission, shouldn’t at least one of them be looking out for the public?”

Axness grew up in Leeds, ND. He received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and earned a minor in management communication from North Dakota State University (NDSU). He is a member of the Fargo Metro Area Mayors Committee and the FM Chamber of Commerce. Axness is also an avid hunter, fisherman, and NDSU Bison fan.

North Dakota Democrats will hold their State Convention in Fargo, March 28-30.


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