Mary Schneider endorsed to run for N.D. House in District 21

Mary Schneider endorsed to run for N.D. House in District 21

(FARGO, ND) — Mary Schneider was endorsed by District 21 Democrats Tuesday to run for
the North Dakota House of Representatives. Schneider, a longtime Fargo resident and attorney, is seeking to fill the seat formerly held by retiring Representative Steve Zaiser. Schneider joins Senator Carolyn Nelson and Representative Kathy Hogan who are seeking re-election in the District.

“It will be an honor to serve the ‘Heart of Fargo’ which I’ve loved for almost 35 years, Schneider said. “It’s a unique area with so much to be proud of, but challenges, too,” Schneider added.

“Responsible development of North Dakota’s natural resources creates opportunities to positively and permanently impact our state’s future, and allow all North Dakotans to share in our prairie’s prosperity. While protecting and promoting continued economic development, we need to also invest in our children’s care and education, improve our infrastructure, reform property taxation, address the high student debt that plagues our state’s higher education, and allow the elderly and persons with disabilities to maximize their independence and potential,” Schneider said.

She noted that “Republican legislators last session voted to give enormous amounts of money to out-of-state corporations who didn’t ask for it, while ignoring requests from our own cities, counties, causes and citizens who did,” Schneider said. “That’s not the North Dakota way.”

“Returning balance to the legislature, and restoring North Dakota values and vision will
benefit both District 21 and the state. We care about our neighbors and those in need, not just cronies and far-off corporations,” Schneider said.

Schneider is a graduate of North Dakota State University and was a Visiting Scholar at the University of North Dakota Law School while getting her J.D.

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