One-Party Republican Rule Content to Put Party Before People

One-Party Republican Rule Content to Put Party Before People

N.D. Democratic-NPL Party Chairman Bob Valeu releases statement ahead of Republican State Convention

(BISMARCK, ND – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – APRIL 4, 2014) – North Dakota Republicans’ state convention theme, “Rising to the Top,” confirms that Republicans will hold to their pattern of claiming credit for the oil boom and budget surpluses this weekend, while refusing to address the challenges that confront our state.

“Today’s Republican Party is not your parents’ Republican Party,” says North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chairman Bob Valeu. “North Dakotans saw this in the 2013 Legislative session thanks to Al Carlson’s Republican Supermajority. They see it every day in a state government where one-party Republican rule is disregarding the people’s needs. Whether it is placing a waste pit over a city’s water supply in Ross, or turning a blind eye to incidents of radioactive dumping like in Noonan, or ignoring requests from local governments for more funding and calls for a special session to address needs in western oil counties, one-party Republican rule is more interested in taking credit for industry’s successes rather than responsibly managing government and protecting the people.”

“The purpose of state government is to solve problems but, under one-party Republican rule, state government has become the problem. Balance sheets and state agency-issued news releases are substitutes for policy solutions. The party’s power comes before the people’s needs. State Republican Party Chairman Bob Harms admitted this last November when he said: ‘Come November 2014 our goal is that Republican influence and domination in North Dakota continues.’[1] Mr. Harms didn’t mention serving the people or solving problems. North Dakotans deserve better than that.”

Valeu says that state government and politics has changed for the worse under one-party Republican rule. “I can remember a time, not too long ago, when Democrats and Republicans worked together to solve our state’s problems. Cooperation and compromise were normal. The public was well served, but not anymore. That’s why we need balance in state government.”

Valeu adds, “With this much money and rapid development, North Dakotans need a balanced state government to ensure that the people’s needs are being met and to keep officials honest. State government needs new management.”

“The voters will have clear choice this November between a tired and stale slate of Republican placeholders content to claim credit rather than work, and a vibrant slate of North Dakota Democrats determined to build a future consistent with our state’s values and provide real solutions to our state’s problems.”

“North Dakota Democrats have put together the strongest roster of candidates in years. Our slate of legislative candidates is one of our most impressive slates in years. Our state ticket is the strongest in more than a decade. The average age of our state candidates is 40 and each of them – George B. Sinner, Ryan Taylor, April Fairfield, Kiara Kraus-Parr, Jason Astrup, Tyler Axness, and Todd Reisenauer – are more in touch with the values, needs, and aspirations of North Dakotans. They aren’t career politicians, but service-minded citizens stepping up to manage state government, to do the people’s work.”

“While Republicans continue to ignore problems, North Dakota Democrats will propose solutions that will restore balance and accountability to state government,” adds Valeu. “We will remind voters that futures are built by working together. That’s the better way for our state’s future. It’s the North Dakota way.”


[1] KXMB-TV (CBS) News at 10:00 PM, November 4, 2013.

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