Fairfield announces “North Dakota: Open for Business” initiative

Fairfield announces “North Dakota: Open for Business” initiative

Secretary of State candidate April Fairfield proposes a plan to streamline, simplify and modernize the Secretary of State’s business registration procedures.

(FARGO, ND) – North Dakota Secretary of State candidate April Fairfield announced today a business initiative designed to streamline, simplify, and modernize business registration in North Dakota.

“North Dakota is growing at an unprecedented pace,” said Fairfield. “We need new and cost-effective ways to manage our growth in a way that is responsive to the needs of both our businesses and our people and we need a Secretary of State willing to rise to the challenge.”

Fairfield’s “North Dakota: Open for Business” initiative will focus on business registrations and filings. Under the initiative Fairfield proposes the following:

1) Streamline business registrations through a system of pay for expedited service, as well as issuing provisional licenses so business are not left with an expired license through no fault of their own.

2) Simplify business services by providing outreach and resources for start-ups and small businesses.

3) Modernize online business filings to allow 24/7 customer service through a 21st century online business portal.

“By looking at ways to cut red tape, streamline services, and operate in a business-friendly manner, this ‘Open for Business’ proposal would re-tool business filing and licensing in order to create optimum conditions for business investment and job creation. Updating digital and online technologies will introduce options that can enable our state to support the growth and development of small businesses that serves as the backbone of our state’s economy,” added Fairfield.

“If elected, I will consider these factors when evaluating the Secretary of State’s programs and processes for businesses and develop new online tools that will facilitate a simpler, more efficient experience for users, and ultimately, reduce wait times for business services. Instead of closing the office when it gets busy as my opponent did in 2012, we should be extending office hours and offering satellite services in the east and western part of the state.”

Fairfield went on to highlight the robust growth of North Dakota’s economy, and described the increase in business filings in the state as the new normal that 22-year incumbent Secretary of State Al Jaeger has proven unable to handle.

Al Jaeger's Desk“The Secretary of State’s office is the initial access point for people looking to conduct business in North Dakota, overseeing the registration of business entities. It has been clear with the long wait times for business filings, and the inability to perform online filings, that the agency needs to develop ways in which processes can be streamlined and made more efficient.”

“Overcoming these challenges requires leadership and strong project governance with a clear and realistic timeline and collaboration. Innovation will drive the office’s business services and, with these changes ultimately, we can move the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office out of its current state of confusion and towards a state of success.”

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