Fairfield calls out Al Jaeger on his wasteful spending

Fairfield calls out Al Jaeger on his wasteful spending

(FARGO, ND)—North Dakota Democratic-NPL Secretary of State candidate April Fairfield held a press conference today criticizing Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s continued pattern of wasteful spending.

“Twenty-two years ago my opponent was elected Secretary of State on a promise to end wasteful spending. Today, he has overspent millions more than projected in a failed attempt to update the office’s technology. He will likely spend millions more to complete the first phase of a project, that was suppose to have been completed in 2008.

“After twenty-two years in office my opponent has shown an inability to responsibly manage the finances of his office. Rather than instituting the managerial practices that would enable his office to help rein in wasteful spending, Mr. Jaeger has stubbornly clung to lazy and irresponsible managerial practices that have caused the I.T. project to fall seven years behind schedule and have wasted millions of our tax dollars.

“Again and again, Al Jaeger has shown that he lacks the leadership necessary to tackle the challenges of running one of our state’s most important government agencies. He has failed in his basic task to bring the Secretary of State’s office into the 20th century. After 22 years of failing to get it right, it’s time for North Dakotans to retire Al Jaeger from office.”

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